Completed Garage Addition

Garage Additions

Homeowners have different reasons for wanting a garage addition. Some are motivated by the desire to protect themselves and their cars from bad weather. Others just want more storage space or a workspace away from the main house. With the possibility of second-level rooms, a garage addition can even add to the functional living space. For those concerned about the budget, a garage addition is a good investment: Remodeling Magazine’s latest Cost vs. Value Report found that a homeowner who invests in a two-car garage addition can expect to make back about 69% of the cost at resale.

McManus has developed a reputation for high quality work and great customer service in the St. Louis area. Since 1987 we have been providing expert workmanship in garage additions, at fair prices. Our processes have developed through decades of experience in custom home building, room additions, and much more. We follow the best construction practices in the industry, and throughout your garage project we will provide professional advice and customized design, acquire permits, and comply with zoning requirements. In addition, we offer full concrete and retaining wall services.

Garage Addition Evaluation

Before you can decide to go ahead with a garage project, you’ll need to make a few decisions. After determining if your proposed garage will fit on your lot, you have to look at several factors. First, how close can you build to the edge of your property line? It is also important to discover any unique restrictions that apply to garages in your neighborhood. For example, some communities require deeper setbacks on sides with doors. In addition to the building codes, you may need to consider the expansion of the driveway to the new garage. A retaining wall may need to be built along the side of a new driveway to prevent land from collapsing or spilling over into the neighboring property. And proper drainage of water away from the new garage and/or an expanded driveway is also a factor.

St. Louis Garage Addition Pros

Since 1987 McManus Construction has been solving the kinds of problems that may arise in construction projects through experience with hundreds of garage additions. We are experts at driveway design as well. McManus knows all the major building codes in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We can work with you and your budget to give you the greatest value on your garage project.

Whether you are building a standalone garage or a multicar garage with extra living space above, McManus can handle it. McManus will guide you through the many decisions that come into play through the entire process, and give you a clear idea of what the costs will be. At the end of the project, you will enjoy and be proud of the new space that your garage addition affords you. Call McManus Construction for your garage addition needs today!