Beautiful Home Addition

Room Additions

The need for a room addition comes up when you want to stay in your current house, but you need more square footage. McManus can assist in discovering your best options for gaining extra space. Our architects can assist by designing an addition that fits your lifestyle and provides a lifetime of enjoyment. The best room additions are designed and built to blend seamlessly with your existing home structure. McManus additions are built with the best industry practices and go beyond the building codes.

At McManus Construction, we have developed a reputation for designing and building beautiful and highly functional room additions. We have completed many types of additions, including single- and second-story additions, master bedrooms, family rooms, four-season sunrooms, garages, and lofts. Custom room additions may include plush features such as skylights, gas fireplaces, home theaters, and more. Your room addition can be a luxury space that blends naturally into your current home.

Maximize Your Value

A home addition is often the best choice, but beyond that, other choices still need to be made. Each addition brings with it unique benefits and challenges. Talking to an experienced professional can be very enlightening and usually reveals options that a homeowner would not have considered otherwise. For those needing extra space, but not wanting a mortgage on a new home, a room addition makes the most sense. And the right choices can bring huge benefits. All you have to do is contact a trusted, knowledgeable remodeling contractor.

McManus Brings Experience

You can’t go wrong when you choose McManus Construction as your home-addition contractor. We are experts in extending the existing structure of any type of home. No matter what your exact project is, the revelations that come from engaging an expert to help with the spatial planning and building can far outweigh any costs involved. The space itself is an added value to a home, but a space done brilliantly to match the lifestyle of the homeowners can multiply the benefits. McManus is a trusted partner to hundreds of homeowners who have made the choice to take on a room-addition project.