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Siding options are overflowing the market, both in products available and people who claim to be experts at installing them. How can you really be sure you have a trustworthy siding contractor? One factor to consider is the real world experience in the home building and construction industry. McManus Construction has been in business since 1987. Decades worth of happy customers have kept McManus Construction in business and ready to help you with your siding needs.

There are abundant siding choices available, including vinyl, wood, fiber cement, and composite options. The building materials industry has made many advances over the years. The latest composite materials and improvements in insulation quality will be worth a strong look by anyone wanting the best protection for their home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Close Up

For the best insulation value, the most popular choice is Vinyl Siding. Vinyl Siding has advanced considerably and there are many options available. They range from affordable yet effective protection layers, all the way up to systems rated strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. The cost for Vinyl Siding varies based on material thickness, double-hem mounting, foam backing, and profile depth.

Alternative Siding

Smart Siding on House

McManus uses the best brand name products, no matter what style of siding you prefer. For Composite, McManus uses LP® SmartSide® products, which deliver outstanding strength and durability. For heavy-duty vinyl, we use Certainteed, considered one of the best brands available. For cement-fiber siding, we choose James Hardie. You value your home and want to protect it for years to come. You can trust McManus to know the best options in the market for your siding needs.

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Regardless of which type of siding product you choose, choose to work with McManus Construction. Our attention to detail and professional, friendly customer service have kept us busy for decades. Hundreds of homeowners throughout the St. Louis area are happy they chose McManus Construction because our goal is to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction in everything we do. Call McManus Construction today to discuss your home siding needs.