Pole Barn Built By McManus Construction

Pole Barns

Post Frame Buildings, or Pole Barns as they are often called, are excellent structures for workshop or storage buildings. Post frame buildings can be used for a work area, horse barn, machinery storage, and more. Regardless of the end use, McManus Construction, working with our partner EPS, can engineer and manufacture post frame buildings to any size and need. Our post frame buildings implement long-span trusses allowing for wide open areas that offer flexibility in your storage or work area. Building a new post frame structure with McManus has the extra insurance of working with an experienced professional who has been in the building industry since 1987 and successfully completed hundreds of projects for satisfied customers.

Cost Effective


McManus Construction has partnered with Energy Panel Structures, Inc., a leader in the post frame (pole barn) construction market. This partnership between McManus and EPS guarantees the best in post frame products and workmanship.

A Polebarn Post Frame Building Being Put Up

EPS is a low-cost producer that offers the most extensive product design at the most competitive prices. From 6' on center to 12' on center, and from 30 lb. to 200 lb. snow loads, EPS will have you covered. Every EPS engineered building is evaluated for cost-effective solutions, maximum performance, and maximum spans. Every customer will receive a structure guaranteed to support optimal wind and snow loads.

Why Post Frame

Why consider post frame construction? There are a number of advantages, such as embedded post foundations that allow for easier winter construction and installation. There is greater design flexibility, achieved through methods such as long-span trusses and wide-space postings. In addition, there are considerable cost savings when choosing an EPS system built by McManus, including materials, labor, energy savings, and more. EPS integrates state-of-the-art engineering into their post frame systems, providing dependable, guaranteed performance. Also, site preparation is easy and post frame structures are very adaptable to problems such as steep slopes and flood plains.

Call McManus Construction to discuss your Post Frame Structure project, and discover the value of the McManus and EPS partnership.