Outdoor Shot of Finished ICF Home

ICF Homes

In addition to all of our services for custom homes, McManus Construction also offers Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) homes. ICF homes are built using energy efficient components, which are stacked like giant LEGO blocks. An ICF home may cost a bit more than a comparable wood-frame structure, but the monthly savings in utility costs will more than make up for the additional outlay. With growing energy costs, an ICF house can save you significant amounts of money, both on utility costs over the years and on the initial HVAC system.

Outside cold can easily enter wood-framed walls, causing what is known as thermal bridging. This creates cold spots inside the house. ICF homes offer excellent protection against thermal bridging; in fact, you will enjoy even temperatures throughout an ICF home.

Logix ICF Forms

McManus uses industry leading products made by Logix ICF. McManus has explored alternatives and done the research, and determined that Logix products provide the highest quality. Logix’s reputation is growing rapidly as a leader in the ICF home market.

The basic concept of a Logix ICF block is that two thick, continuous Logix Pro foam panels cover the home or building to provide an effective wall assembly with an R-Value of R-25. (Higher R-values are available with Logix Platinum Series and XRV Panels.) The Logix wall assembly delivers up to 60% lower air infiltration than a traditionally built wall. This feature adds to the thermal performance of the foam insulation, making the home even more draft-free and comfortable. Logix’s steel-reinforced concrete core also protects the structure against fires, tornadoes, and earthquakes. In addition, the concrete core significantly reduces the penetration of outside noises such as traffic, trains, and neighbors. Insulated Concrete Form homes deliver the best experience in home comfort.

Experienced ICF Builder

McManus Construction is an experienced ICF home builder in the St. Louis area. Our customers receive the combined benefit of ICF technology and experienced, professional home builders with a strong desire to meet clients’ needs.

McManus gives special care to clients wanting a new home. From the start, you will be supported directly by the owner of McManus Construction. There will be no communication breakdowns when voicing your questions or needs. We have built a reputation for paying attention to detail and doing our very best. This is especially true for our custom home and ICF home customers. Building a new home is a major step in a person’s life, and satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you. McManus is totally committed to you and to the project you entrust to us. We treat the builder/client relationship with great respect and maintain quality of communication from beginning to end. We take as much pride in it as you will when you move into a top quality home built by McManus Construction.